Eye Care Center

Facility Identification

Division: Dhaka District: Tangail District Code: 93 Facility Type: Government Hospital Establishment Year: 1995 Type of Hospital: Eye Hospital Category: Secondary Level Hospital Size: 4 shatak

Patient Information

All kinds of patients come here for the treatment of their eyes. Average number of patients per day: 50 Patient number in last year: 15000 Payment Provided by: Patients

Equipments and Instruments

The hospital buys the instruments by themselves from Dhaka.

Sl No




Total Number

Available and observed Available but not observed Not Available Yes No Don’t Know
a Slit Lamp yes yes 2
b Schiotz Tonometer   yes   yes 1
c Direct Opthalmoscope   yes yes 2
d Indirect Opthalmoscope   yes yes 1
e 90 D lens   yes yes 2
f 20 D lens   yes yes 1
g Gonioprism   yes yes 2
h Bjerum’s screen   yes yes 1
i Hess chart screen   yes yes 1
j Material for diplopia chart     yes
k Red green goggles     yes
m Snellen test type   yes 1
n Near vision testing(Jaeger or Snellen)   yes yes 2
o Streak Retinoscope   yes yes 1
p Trial Frame and trial case   yes yes 1
q Prism bar   yes yes 2
r Refractometer   yes yes 1
s A-scan   yes yes 1
t Keratometer   yes yes 1
B Advancer secondary eye care  
a FFA including Fundus camera     yes
b YAG Laser with slit lamp adapter     yes
c Laser unit for retinal coagulation     yes
d Exophthalmometer     yes
e B-Scan     yes
C OT  
a Operating Microscope with co-axial illumination & focus control   yes yes 1
b PHACO Machine     yes
c Automated Vitrectomy     yes
d Bipolar Cautery     yes
e Steam Autoclave     yes
f Flash/Speed Autoclave     yes
g Suction Machine   yes   1
h Oxygen Cylinder with nasal canula   yes   2
i Endotracheal intubation     yes
j Ambu bag   yes
k Laryngoscope   yes
l BP Machine   yes   yes 2
m Stethoscope   yes   yes 2
Surgical Instruments
o Cataract surgical sets   yes   yes   1
p DCR set     yes  
q Chalazion I/C set   yes
r Enucleation and Evisceration set   yes
D Optical dispensing instruments  
a Manual Edging set     yes
b Rimless & Supraframes grooving machine     yes
c Lensometer     yes
d Trial set (Manual power check)     yes

Human Resources

Total Human Resources:

4 Senior Ophthalmologist: 1 Name of the Ophthalmologist: Dr. B K Saha Professional Degree: Diploma in Ophthalmology, Diploma of the College of Optics Professional Training: Pediatric Ophthalmology-3 months Got training from: Russia

Administrative Human Resources:

Administrator: 1 Administrative Support Staff: 1 Cleaner: 1 Record keeping System: In papers

Service Area

Provided Services: 1. Refractive Error 2. Cataract 3. Glaucoma Referral System: They refer their patients to the specialized hospitals for complicated cases i.e. Surgical Strabismus, disorder of retina and vitreous and complicated pediatric cases.

Workload Estimation

Number of Bed: 10 Effective Days for providing services: 340 days Surgery per year: 500 New patients per day: 20


They do not have OT and OPD, IPP including medical records, optical shop and medical shop. They have continuous water/gas/electricity supply and their cleanliness is very good.