Shahid Ziaur Rahman Medical College Hospital,Bogra

Facility Identification

Division: Rajshahi

District: Bogra

District Code: 10

Facility Type: Government Hospital

Establishment Year: 2006

Type of Hospital: Mixed Hospital

Category: Secondary Level Hospital

Size: 40 acres

Patient Information

All kinds of patients come here for the treatment of their eyes.

Average number of patients per day: 62 (Only eye department)

Patient number in last year: 18000

Payment Provided by: Government

Equipments and Instruments

The hospital gets equipments and instruments from Government.

Sl No




Total Number

Available and observed Available but not observed Not Available Yes No Don’t Know
a Slit Lamp Yes Yes 5
b Schiotz Tonometer     Yes
c Direct Opthalmoscope   Yes Yes 3
d Indirect Opthalmoscope     Yes
e 90 D lens     Yes
f 20 D lens Yes   Yes 5
g Gonioprism     Yes
h Bjerum’s screen     Yes
i Hess chart screen     Yes
j Material for diplopia chart     Yes
k Red green goggles     Yes
m Snellen test type   Yes Yes 2
n Near vision testing(Jaeger or Snellen)   Yes Yes 3
o Streak Retinoscope   Yes
p Trial Frame and trial case   Yes Yes 5
q Prism bar     Yes
r Refractometer   Yes Yes 2
s A-scan   Yes
t Keratometer   Yes
B Advancer secondary eye care  
a FFA including Fundus camera     Yes
b YAG Laser with slit lamp adapter     Yes
c Laser unit for retinal coagulation     Yes
d Exophthalmometer     Yes
e B-Scan     Yes
C OT  
a Operating Microscope with co-axial illumination & focus control   Yes Yes 1
b PHACO Machine   Yes Yes 1
c Automated Vitrectomy   Yes Yes 1
d Bipolar Cautery   Yes Yes 1
e Steam Autoclave   Yes Yes 1
f Flash/Speed Autoclave     Yes
g Suction Machine   Yes   1
h Oxygen Cylinder with nasal canula   Yes   Yes 5
i Endotracheal intubation     Yes
j Ambu bag   Yes
k Laryngoscope   Yes
l BP Machine Yes     Yes 8
m Stethoscope Yes     Yes 2
Surgical Instruments
o Cataract surgical sets   Yes   Yes   2
p DCR set   Yes   Yes   2
q Chalazion I/C set   Yes
r Enucleation and Evisceration set   Yes
D Optical dispensing instruments  
a Manual Edging set     Yes
b Rimless & Supraframes grooving machine     Yes
c Lensometer     Yes
d Trial set (Manual power check)     Yes

Human Resources

Total Human Resources: 20

Senior Ophthalmologist: 1

Junior Ophthalmologist: 1

Refractionist: 2

Optometrist: 1

Outpatient Nurse: 3

Ward Nurse: 7

Theatre Nurse: 5

Nurses work for the whole hospital not especially for the eye department.

Name of the Ophthalmologists: 1. Dr. A N M Gausul Azam Shujon

Professional Degree: MS, FCPS


Administrative Human Resources:

The hospital has human resources for the whole hospital, not for any specific department

Administrator: 1

Administrative Support Staff: 15

House keeper: 2

Cleaner: 10

Driver: 3

Security Staff: 30

Biomedical/Equipment Technician: 1

Counselor: 1

Record keeping System: Both in papers and in computers.

Service Area

Provided Services:

1. Refractive Error

2. Cataract

3. Glaucoma

4. Trauma

Referral System: They refer their patients to the specialized hospitals for the complicated cases i.e. Surgical Strabismus, disorder of retina and vitreous and complicated pediatric cases. They normally arranges the referral for the patients if they need to go to the specialized hospital.

Number of Cataract Operation in 2 weeks: 20

Workload Estimation

Number of Bed: 250

Effective Days for providing services: 290 days

Surgery per year: 700

Patients in outdoor per year: 950 (only eye)

New patients per day: 10


They have OT and OPD, IPP including medical records, optical shop and medical shop. They have 2 dedicated eye wards and total 15 beds for the eye department. In the operation theatre 3 operations take place on an average and the size of the operation theatre 180 sq ft. Size of the ward is 30 sq ft and the office is 50 sq ft. The hospital has electricity/gas and water supply and their cleanliness is good.